Ready to get paid to play games? Excited help transform noobs into legends?

MMO Coach is a coaching platform designed to connect players with experienced coaches and elite gamers from a multitude of competitive games. Our mission is to raise the level of competition across the board. We want to provide a quality system that removes all the management stress from both players and coaches, allowing them to just focus on what they do best-play games!

As a part of the MMO Coach team you’ll get


As part of MMO Coach you are expected to


Sales Manager

The Business Development Managers are responsible for recruiting content creators and coaches to the site. They must be familiar with the community and esports scene of their assigned games. A BDM may also be asked to reach out to potential sponsors and advertising partners, as well as initiating contact for sponsorship deals. Strong writing and communication skills are a must. We will assign you some potential candidates to target, but you will be expected to network and create your own pool of leads.

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Game Manager

The game manager oversees all content creators and coaches for their assigned game. They will help coaches advertise their services, keep content flowing consistently to the site, and generally be the point of contact between site management and coaches/content creators. The game manager will also be asked to assist Business Development Managers assigned to their game in their recruiting efforts.

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Social Media Manager

The social media manager will oversee all social media platforms representing They will write posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as posting all guides and announcements to all platforms. Part of their responsibilities will also include moderating and managing any YouTube, Reddit, Discord, or other social communication channels MMO Coach chooses to utilize. Proper grammar and consistency will be expected.

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Copywriter / Editor

Content creators and coaches will be asked to write guides and tips for the website. To make this process as easy on them as possible, MMO Coach will need editors who can take the thoughts of a coach and turn them into a high quality content piece. This position will also be asked to write and edit any website copy, press release, marketing copy, or blog content generated for the site. Be prepared to submit writing samples.

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Video Editor

The video editor will be on call to assist with creating quality video content to supplement guides, add highlights, and any other video content the site needs. This will include interviews, full video guides, marketing and advertisements, and more. The video editor will be expected to need little-to-no hand-holding, and should have the requisite experience to succeed at their assigned task with minimal manager oversight.

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