Starting Point: Matchup Manual

At the top level of any competitive game, the skill gap starts to shrink. Your mechanical prowess begins to matter less and less. Eventually, skill alone is not enough to continue climbing. Knowledge becomes the pivotal factor.  When you are ready to elevate your play, you’ll need to start understanding matchups. This little bit of

Out Of Game: Pro Personal Finances

You’ve made it!  The dream is real. You’re now earning money consistently through eSports. Whether through a team salary or consistent tournament winnings, there is more money in your bank account because you’re good at video games. While this is the dream of every competitor, it does present some unique challenges. Recently, Riot Games announced

Elo Boosting: Why You Should Invest In Yourself

There isn’t really a great debate raging around the subject of elo boosting. The rules are pretty clear–companies like Riot Games and Valve do not want players selling high level accounts for profit. Players have either decided to accept the terms and conditions of these games, or they haven’t. For some, the allure of a

Starting Point: Ladder Goals

On Monday we talked about how to manage the expectations of teams and players competing at the highest level. While that post was aimed at the very best players, its principles are applicable to everyone. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at how to create clear, achievable goals for climbing the ladder. Whatever game

Out Of Game: Managing Expectations

Welcome to a brand new segment of the MMO Coach blog. The goal of our platform has always been to increase the level of competitive gaming across the board. To that end, we want to make sure that we’re providing something for top level players as well. Much of what you’ll see on this blog

Starting Point: The Meta And You

If you’ve ever watched an eSports tournament for more than 10 minutes, you’ve heard someone talk about “the current meta”. If you’ve browsed the front page of your game’s subreddit, you’ve seen arguments about the problems of the “pro scene meta” ruining play for casual fans of the game. Today I want to look into

Starting Point: 3 Keys to Settling Team Disputes

Team Games Bring Team Troubles Heroes of the Storm is one of the most team-based games that has ever been played at a competitive level. True, other MOBAS like League of Legends and DOTA require teamwork. Your group of five players must be able to fight together to achieve victory. However, all the resources in

Coach of the Week: Daihuu

Getting to Know Our Coaches With another Monday upon us, we have a great new coach to introduce this week. We’re going back to Heroes of the Storm with a player who’s been around since the early days. His team recently made a surprising run at the Fall Regional in Burbank, dealing upsets to big

Starting Point: Respect Your Role

The Role For Me There are many ways to identify yourself within competitive games. You might be a Zerg player in Starcraft or a Marth main in Smash Bros. A player can also identify with their playstyle. Perhaps they prefer aggressive decks over control in Hearthstone. These identifiers work well for single player games, but