About us

We created MMO Coach out of the need for better and more personal game coaching. Generic tutorials and online walkthroughs just can’t provide customized lessons or tips that players need to succeed. We know that every player has different learning and playing styles, and we created this service to match great coaches with players who want a better gaming experience.

Our service allows players to find talented instructors who are ready to help. By helping gamers find coaches who are skilled in the area they want to master, the coach is able to give more targeted lessons and the player gets a learning experience that helps them advance in the game. And that’s what we are all about at MMO Coach, helping players reach the next level in terms of skill and being able to enjoy the game. Whether that next level is competitive and tournament play, or just a boost out of the beginner’s league, we are ready to help new and experienced players reach their goals.

Some of the games we provide coaching in include Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, and CS:GO, as well as several other major eSports titles. Our coaches are thoroughly vetted and are experienced competitive players themselves with a passion for the games they love. Our screening process makes sure that only the best are able to make it into our coaching program. MMO Coach is dedicated to helping players find the best coach for them in our network.

And our network is constantly growing as MMO Coach finds more coaches and players ready to teach and ready to learn. We are consistently adding new games and love hearing customer feedback on how to improve our platform and what games players want training in. Our goal is to be able to help any player find a great coach for the game they are interested in, and help them master it. We plan on making our mark on the gaming market by providing superior services and amazing coaches to every player wanting to take their gaming to the next level.